Saturn- The Lord Son of Lord Sun and Devi Chhaya

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Effect of Gochar of Shani over Various Rashis

Sade- Sati and Dhayya

The slowest planet in the Solar System as per Vedic Astrology is Lord Saturn. It takes around 30 years for him to travel through the whole Zodiac. While other faster planets takes only months to travel the same.

Being the most distant from the Sun it is also the darkest and the coldest planet. This is a reason for it being of Vaata Nature.

The gochar of Shani through various houses of the horoscope is one of the most important events apart from the Gochar of Guru (Jupiter), Rahu and Ketu.

The most permanent effect giver is the Lord Shani during his Gochar through any of the house.

In general it is seen the Gochar of a planet through the house is affected by its disposition towards the lord of that house and the aspects it receives from other traversing planets. It is how comfortable the planets feel in that particular house that matters. It is the primary factor in the results thus followed for that Gochar.

The secondary factors are the position of the planet in the Lagna and Moon Chart at the time of birth and Navamsa Chart.

We have to judge it through the cumulative effect of all the positives and negatives at the time of the Gochar also taking into account the Dasa the native is going through at that time. Normally Vimsottari Dasa system is followed for it.

The gochar of a planet in a house of friend is good for the matters relating to that house. Gochar in a house of enemy is bad for the matters relating to that house. For neutral lord’s house the results are of not much significance.

These results are bound to be modified as per the presence of that planet in the Lagna/Moon/Navamsa Chart for that native. The gochar of other planets at that particular time is also main factor to be accounted for during predicting for that period.

The effect that is produced by other planets on the good and bad disposition of that planet on the house it is traversing and the houses it aspects are changed to a greater extent by the counter or pro effects put in by other planets as per their Gochar and presence in the Lagna/Chandra/ Navamsa Chart of that individual. Though temporarily especially for Lord Saturn as it houses a house for 2 ½ years, longest for any planet and thus all the effects of other Gochar thus come and go during that time.

The Vimsottari Dasha that the native is going through affects the results of the Gochar of the planet through that house. The disposition of the traversing planet towards the Lord of the Dasha and Bhukti go a way in affecting the results produced.

The Gochar of Shani is the most important of all. The Gochar around the House occupied by Moon at the time of birth is very special. Moon is called the "Mun" (The Mind)* or the consciousness of the native. It houses the effect of all the past lives of the natives which he takes with him when coming to this life. It is thus in effect mends and put changes at this level to purify the soul and give the results of the past karmas. Thus this time of life is very important for natives.

In effect the Gochar of Shani through 12th, 1st and 2nd house from Moon Rashi (The house occupied by moon at the time of birth) is called Sade-Sati. It is a period of 7½ years. Lord Saturn remains in a house of 2½ years. Thus for each of the three houses it comes to 7½ years. Gochar from one of these houses for 2½ years is called Dhayya.

The effect thus produced varies according to the principles as discussed above. It is to be noted that all the three Dhayya have different results, and can be bad and good as per the principles discussed above.

It is not a necessity that the results of Sade-Sati are bound to be bad or in ominous.

Saturn is a planet that brings purity and spirituality at the level of consciousness of the native. It puts the soul to realize the true meaning/reason for existence and tries to correct the flaws in the mindset of the native. A divine knowledge and yogi Lord Saturn puts to his best to align the native to the Divine Soul of All Mighty and the creator. To put him to work for better of himself and ultimately be one with the God, the ultimate state and joy.

We should all pray to Lord Shani to help us be one with God.

Om Shum Shaneshcharaya Namah

* Correction done after a devoted admirer of Jyotish kindly pointed.