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Transit/ Gochar of Shani / Saturn in Tula / Libra 2012-2013-2014 
Effects of Sadesati/ Sade Sati on Rashi Virgo/ Kanya, Libra/ Tula and  Scorpio/ Vrishchik

Shani has finally entered into Tula / Libra Rashi, not to return to Kanya / Virgo for about another 27 years. Shani has entered into Tula on 15-Nov-2011. It then became Vakri / Retrograde and returned to Kanya for a short period. This short period has ended on 5-Aug-2012.

Transits of Shani and Guru / Jupiter are one of the most important transits. Mr. K. N. Rao, Head of Astrology Department, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, states that “Nothing of importance can occur without the blessings of Shani and Guru”.  This is the reason that we look at these transits more carefully than any other transit. Vedic Astrologers, primarily watch out the placements of these two planets, both in gochar / transit and lagna /natal chart along with Rahu for predicting.

Shani is a planet of rules, hard work, the working classes, laborers. It is the planet who fructifies our karmas of present and past incarnations. It is there for us to help us de-tangle ourselves from the attachments of Maya “The Illusion” and bring us closer to reality and ourselves. He is the ultimate Yogi and do not favor anyone. He is there to purify our souls of the sins and mis-doings of our past. It makes us pay for our debts and commence free for our future. Planet Saturn is the ultimate and the real Guru we can ever find. He imparts the ultimate divine knowledge and breaks us free from the shackles of attachments. When we get entangled in the illusions that Maya creates, we tend to have “Mooha” or the attachments with a thing, an asset or a person. Bhagvat Gita says that:

When Mooha comes, we get bitter,
When Bitter comes, we get angry,
When Anger comes, thinking power(Buddhi) destroys,
When Thinking Power Destroys, the person gets destroyed .

Planet Saturn thus makes us come out of Mooha of things, assets and persons. This thus makes a person who lives the life of a Yogi, doing “Nishkaama Karma”, i.e. doing his duties without getting curious about the results. Victory or Defeat then becomes same for him. He does not expect anything and thus achieves a state of Eternal Bliss (Paramanand).

Saturn thus takes its course to make us pure and start to have trust in the laws of the Mother Nature. It brings us close to reality and the true existence. The action and modus operandi of Saturn is very strict and hard one though. He is a hard task master. He cannot accommodate any lapses and thus make his teaching learned the hard way.  This is more so if the person is very aggressive and unruly by nature. This applies more to signs ruled by Mangal / Mars and Surya / Sun. It is also harsh on Karka / Cancer the sign ruled by Chandra / Moon, as this sign is ruled basically by emotions and emotions do not find any place in eternal learning process. Imparting of this education is painful and hard for almost all the signs though.

Transit of Saturn in Libra, will thus have changes for all the rashis, especially regarding the Sadesati.

Sadesati and Dhayya on Rashis for Transit of Shani in Tula


Kanya /  Virgo, Tula / Libra and Vrishchik / Scorpio


Karka / Cancer, Meena / Pisces

Note: All these are Vedic Moon Signs

Sadesati has finally ended for Simha / Leo rashi natives. Shani is now transiting their third house. This is one of the most beneficial transits for a native to have. Transit of Saturn in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are considered the best for Saturn. In these houses during transit, this hard task master gives out his blessings and free will. It allows us to do our Karmas free from the hurdles that it puts in during its transit other houses. This is the period we tend to accumulate bad karma if we indulge too much in the free will that we get.

Shani gets Uccha / Exalted in Tula during its transit. This is a rashi; Shani will love to be posited. The balance of this sign is what Shani will prefer. It also balances the hard ways of Shani. The effects it gives also are more balanced and less disturbing as in other signs.

This is a special note for the readers of this article that giving out general predictions for rashis is not one of the best practices in Vedic Astrology. Ancient and Authentic Scriptures of Vedic Astrology have advocated for giving out predictions only after fully analyzing the particular chart with the dictums of Vedic astrology and experience of the practitioner. Transit of Saturn also has to be finally and meaning fully predicted only after analyzing the particular chart. The effects that we are writing here are only a reference and general effects. Saturn though is a permanent effect giver and is one of the most powerful planets. Its results thus have to felt, may be more or less. No other planet can overshadow the effects completely, as in case of some other planets.

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 Effect of Shani transit in Tula for twelve rashis:

Mesha / Aries
Shani transit your 7th house, which is the house of spouse and partnerships. It has full aspect on 9th house, Chandra lagna and fourth house from here. Mesha rashi natives will feel tensions in marital and partnership relations. Partnerships of business particularly can get issues. You are bound to get some issues related to you house, landed properties and vehicles. Self-esteem can be a issue and health needs to be monitored.

Vrishbha / Taurus
Shani transit your 6th house, which is the house of debts, diseases and enemies. It fully aspects your 8th house, 12thhouse and 3rd house from here. This is one of the periods, when a hard task master become favorable for you. Shani is also a yogakarka for your rashi. It transit in 6th house will result in you getting your debts favorable for you. Win over enemies and diseases are seen. Expenditure will be under control. Your overall confidence level will be good and you may travel short distances for pleasure or beneficial reasons.

Mithuna / Gemini
Shani transit your 5th house, which is the house of love relationships, past karmas, speculations, progeny and higher education. It fully aspects your 7th house, 11th house and 2nd house from this position. Your relationships will get balanced in this period, but speculative businesses, income  and gains at large will get hurdles and difficulties.  Relations with your family and elders in general will have issues. Issues related to gaining progeny will not be favored in this period with children related issues will also face difficulties.

Karka / Cancer
Shani transit your 4th house, which is the house of landed properties, vehicles, home comforts, heart and education. It fully aspects your 6th house, 10th house and Chandra lagna from this position. You are under Dhayya of Shani. This is one of the difficult periods for you. This will disturb your homely comforts and vehicles. Debts and loans can be an issue, as well as health related issues will come to fore in this period. Enmity and rivalry at work will also come up. Embarrassments at work are a possibility.

Simha / Leo
Shani transit your 3rd house, which is the house of courage, energy, short travels. It fully aspects your 5th house, 9thhouse and 12th house from this position. This is one of the best transits of Shani for you. A hard task master has given you free will to act. He has turned a little favorable to you. Though you are not the loved one for him, but according to law of nature he is obliged to not trouble you as he has done in past 7 ½ years of Sadesati for you. Saturn has been especially very hard on you in the past Sadesati years. There will be a marked relief now.

Kanya / Virgo
Shani transit your 2nd house, which is the house of assets, speech and family. It fully aspects your 4th house, 8th house and 11th house from this position. This is the last phase of Sadesati for you. Issues related to landed properties, vehicles, family will come to forth in this period. Speech also has to be checked in this period to avoid losses. Losses in assets may be seen with trouble in family matters. Gains and Income will also be affected.

Tula / Libra
Shani transit your Chandra lagna, which denotes your mental state, emotions and your mind. It fully aspects your 3rdhouse, 7th house and 10th house from this position. You have entered into your second phase of Sadesati. This will be one of the most important periods for you. Shani being a yogakarka for your Chandra lagna will not be very harsh as also being in Uccha Avastha. It will transform your thinking process. It will make you wiser and more thoughtful. Some lessons are to be learned the hard way. These may be related to your marital and work life.

Vrishchik / Scorpio
Shani transit your 12th house, which is the house of expenses, bed pleasures, living in foreign lands and nirvana. It fully aspects your 2nd house, 6th house and 9th house from this position. This is also starting of Sadesati for you. The coming 7 ½ years will see you turn into a new individual, with your arrogance and self esteem taking a back seat. Expenses will rise and assets will decrease. You speech can cause losses to you. Family relations and relations with your father may be hit. You have to face adversities at every aspect in your life. 10th and 11th house transit of Saturn give free will to the native. Now is the time to start paying for our past karmas and deeds. He may be a little too hard on you. Luck will not favor you.

Dhanu / Sagittarius
Shani transit your 11th house, which is the house of gains and elder relations. It fully aspects your Chandra Lagna, 5thhouse and 8th house from this position. You will gain and rewarded in this period. Your free will operates and you can have your wishes fulfilled in this transit. Ancestral properties and hidden assets will be gained in this period. You are bound to get gains of every kind from this period. If other dasha and placements in lagna are favorable, then this can be the best periods in your life. Enjoy your time.  

Makar / Capricorn
 Shani transit your 10th house, which is the house of profession, career and vocation. It is also the house of social status of an individual. It fully aspects your 12th house, 4th house and 7th house from this position. This can make work related issues in forth. You are made to work hard in your work environment especially if you are in a work partnership. Home and Vehicle comforts may also be less. It is quiet a possibility that your work schedule disturbs your marital life. Overall this will give you gains in work environment but may loose on other counts.

Kumbha / Aquarius
Shani transit your 9th house, which is the house of dharma, luck, father and long distance travel. It fully aspects your 11thhouse, 3rd house and 6th house from this position. You will be inclined towards religion and spiritual thoughts. May even take pilgrimage travel to holy places. Gains will be less. Debts though may rise and also chances of water borne diseases of diseases of kapha-vata nature may come to forth. This will be slightly better than what you have undergone in last 2 ½ years when Ashtama Shani period was there.

Meena / Pisces
Shani transit your 8th house, which is the house of yogic powers, hidden treasures and misfortunes. It fully aspects your 10th house, 2nd house and 5th house from here. This transit in 8th house is also called Ashtama Shani. This is one of the most difficult periods for you. You have to careful regarding your work area and changes there. You will definitely face issues regarding your income and career. Family and issues related to children will also rise. Matters relating to love relationship, higher education and speculative business can haunt you. You also have to be careful about your health and eating habits.

Readers are advised that these predictions are very general in nature. We have tried to give you predictions that are bound to be felt in majority of the cases. There may be other particular effects that we cannot mention in general predictions. This is because placement and strength of Saturn in Lagna and Navamsa chart are important in fructification of these results. Dasa operating is also of great importance. Along with this aspects and conjunctions with Saturn both in Lagna and transit differs the results. Even for the results that we have mentioned in rashi predictions, the factors mentioned above play a key role. Please consult a Vedic astrologer for personalized predictions.

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