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Vedic Astrology predictions needs first and foremost detailed mathematical calculations to erect a Birth Chart, Moon Chart and Shodasvarga Charts.

  • 1. Rashi Chart {30 degree}
  • 2. Hora chart {15degree}
  • 3. Dreshkanna {10degree}
  • 4. Chathurthamsa or Turyeeamsa {7degree 30’}:
  • 5. Saptamsa {4degree 17’ 8”.57}
  • 6. Navamsa or Dharmamsa {3degree20’}
  • 7. Dasamsa or Swargamsa {3 degree}
  • 8. Dwadasamsa or Suryamsa {2degree30’}
  • 9. Shodasamsa or Kalamsa {1degree52’30”}
  • 10. Vimsamsa {1degree30’}
  • 11. Chaturvimamsa or Siddhamsa – {1degree15’}
  • 12. Bhamsa Saptavisamsa {1degree6’40”}
  • 13. Trimsamsa {1degree}
  • 14. Chatvarimsamsa or Khavedamsa or Swavedamsa {45’}
  • 15. Akashvedamsa {40’}
  • 16. Shastiamsha {30’}

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