A Distressing ride for Lord Shani in House of Lord Surya.

Last two and a half years have been one of the most challenging ones not only on individual level but for the whole world at large.

News of Big Corporations, Banks and Institutes going bankrupt. America the super power of the world have seen one of the highest Bankruptcy fillings in the history. Jobs were getting lost and a lot of troubles for each and everybody.

What was this. Why was it so bad this time.

Well to start with Lord Shani is very

distressed while traversing House of Lord Surya, Simha Rashi. It is their intrinsic differences in nature and working that have put this happen.

This time especially was bad because even Jupiter was also debilitated with Rahu in Makar and Ketu in Karka. This has also have taken the shield off and we were made to face the law of Lord Shani in its full force.

Lord Shani represents and loves rules, regulations, respect for poor, hard work, strict discipline and high etiquettes and morals. While lord Surya is a of kingly nature. Royal, makes his own rules, loves pleasures, comforts of life, authority with or without love, enterprising and full of energy.

This difference in the nature have put this conflict. As Lord Shani got power in house of Lord Surya, he has tried to teach him some of his own nature.

This is why what has happened to big corporations with unwanted loans and employees to either face bankruptcy or downsize with immediate effect. They are made to learn to live with moderate or low means. They were forced to think moderately and rethink there high end plans on money that was not there own.

On a individual level people who were getting spend thrifts and were living out on credit by loans or credit cards have come to be made answerable. They either have to get a back on what they were doing or facing a shameful situation. Millions lost jobs and forced them into bankruptcy. Many have chosen suicide as the solution.

Very dire situation have happened. This has come as the correction from God. As Lord Shani is also the head of the judicial department of the Government of Lord Almighty. All the people who were not living ethically or were floating in air were taken to the ground level with full force which have hurt them and with a hope that they will take better care in leading their lives in alignment with God.

That's the message that everyone should get and should take in lives to improve and purify themselves.


Vikas Goyal

Dated: 26/06/2009.